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These pages and sections capture news of climate change and stories about the groundswell of climate action by governments, companies, cities, the UN and civil society around the globe. To provide feedback, email us at press@unfccc.int Photo©Naziha Mestaoui

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The UNFCCC secretariat's main Twitter account @UNFCCC  - "UN Climate Action" - has passed the 200,000 follower milestone, reflecting the growing interest in climate action ahead of the UN climate change conference in Paris this year, at which a new universal climate change agreement will be concluded.

The account focuses on top stories showing how momentum for a successful outcome in Paris is building, also at the regional, city, business and investor levels.

Many of the tweets link to articles published on a daily basis in the UNFCCC Newsroom. The Newsroom is available in English, French and Spanish, and the secretariat has Twitter accounts in these three languages.

The secretariat is expanding its outreach via social media and the Newsroom, and provides opportunities for virtual participation at all major UNFCCC meetings.

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