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These pages and sections capture news of climate change and stories about the groundswell of climate action by governments, companies, cities, the UN and civil society around the globe. To provide feedback, email us at press@unfccc.int Photo©Naziha Mestaoui

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The UNFCCC Newsroom is featuring a climate photo of the week. If you have cool photos of high quality that you might want us to feature please e-mail newsroom@unfccc.int with a caption, date and place where the photo was taken plus any copyright restrictions.


Without any previous access to electricity, this energy system was designed to give every resident of Kokota Island, Tanzania, access to electric lighting in their homes. Photovoltaic solar panels were installed on the roof of a four-classroom school, serving as an Energy Hub for the community. Portable motorcycle batteries are charged at the Energy Hub and transported to homes where they provide enough energy to power an LED home lighting system for up to a week. This has eliminated the need for expensive and toxic kerosene lamps. The solar energy system also serves as a mobile phone charging station, and as a water pump and filtration system at the community school. This photograph was taken by Community Forest International's Executive Director, Jeff Schnurr, in October 2013.

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