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The UNFCCC Newsroom presents a new entry as part of the series of Climate Songs for Paris COP 21. The song "I Think the Climate’s Changed" was submitted by Greg Briner from Paris, France.

Listen to I Think the Climate’s Changed


It is said that inspiration can come at any time or any place, mostly when it is the least expected. That’s also the story of Greg Briner, who got inspired to write a song during his long journeys trapped in overcrowded metro carriages every morning. Wanting to help raise awareness about climate change, he decided to sing. Greg also happens to be climate policy analyst for the OECD, so he’s something of an expert on the topic.

Greg wrote, produced and recorded the empowering song in his own living room just beside the Saint-Martin Canal in Paris. Fortunately for Greg’s neighbors, the drums, bass, trumpet and saxophone were added electronically while he played the rest of the instruments himself.


I Think the Climate’s Changed - Song text

Let’s link, rethink
How we power our economies
Using low-carbon technologies
To cut GHGs

Do more, with less
Innovate our way out of this mess
Using all of our creativeness
It’s good for business, we can do this

I think the climate’s changed
Getting hot in here, talks are shifting gear
What are we waiting for?
We need action now, can’t delay no more

Phase out, all these
Distorting fossil fuel subsidies
Pay for dirty externalities
It’s not easy

Price CO2
At a level that changes what we do
With emissions trading and taxes too
Can’t afford not to, it’s true

I think the climate’s changed
Obama and Xi and Merkel agree
Do you feel the same?
Only get one bet in this climate game

Pink badge, tired eyes
Informal informals and SBIs
Reading non-papers until sunrise
Time flies

Dig deep, let’s keep
The oil in the soil and the coal in the hole
‘Cause we know that we can’t burn it all
That’s what the science says, got to change our ways

I think the climate’s changed
Getting hot in here, talks are shifting gear
What are we waiting for?
We need action now, can’t delay no more

I think the climate’s changed
Something’s in the air, signs are everywhere
Can you feel it too?
Need to think long-term though it’s hard to do

Wind and wave and solar
Fossil age is over
Greener shoots are growing
Signs of change are showing

Send us your Climate Song for Paris COP21

Are you an amateur or professional singer, and do you care deeply about climate change? Then be part of the global movement in support of a meanginful new universal climate change agreement to be concluded in Paris in December (COP 21/CMP 11). Send us your climate songs to newsroom@unfccc.int so we can spread the word in the run-up to the meeting.

The song would need to be already posted online in a sharable format so that we can link to it (as a sound file or video or embedded on a website) and we would ask for a short paragraph about how it was made and what the song means for you.

Photo Credit: Chez Pitch (Flickr)

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