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The UNFCCC Newsroom presents a new entry in our special section Climate Song for Paris COP 21, "Time of Trials"which was submitted by Alex Smith

Alex Smith, previously a researcher for global environment group, and private investigator runs a blog called Ecoshock as well as a radio station. Through these tools, he collaborates with authors and activist to raise awareness about climate change issues.

 The song reflects both hope and desperation after interviewing more than a hundred of the world's top climate scientists about our future.  We are committed already to serious climate disruption, they say, but can still avoid the worst if we can act quickly. 

Listen to Time of Trials

Time of Trials

Love will live
In trouble times
Hearts can give
When storms come
The human wave
Can come together
Minds arise
As surely as the seas
Divine forms
In the minds of many
We believe
In the heat
Days flow by
To our times of trials
Minds in motion
With the beat
We can, we will, we must
Make a future we can trust
We can, we will, we must
Make a future we can trust


Send us your Climate Song for Paris COP21

Are you an amateur or professional singer, and do you care deeply about climate change? Then be part of the global movement in support of a meanginful new universal climate change agreement to be concluded in Paris in December (COP 21/CMP 11). Send us your climate songs to newsroom@unfccc.int so we can spread the word in the run-up to the meeting.

The song would need to be already posted online in a sharable format so that we can link to it (as a sound file or video or embedded on a website) and we would ask for a short paragraph about how it was made and what the song means for you.

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