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COP 21



The Paris UN climate conference in December 2015 will deliver a new universal climate change agreement. The new agreement is aimed at putting the world firmly on track to a low-carbon, sustainable future that keeps  a global temperature rise under 2 degrees C

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At the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, the awareness-raising coalition Earth To Paris released a video that was seen around 7 million times.

On social media, #EarthToParis had more than 1.4 billion impressions, and a reach of over 78 million individuals. The #EarthToParis hashtag was used 68,000 times by more than 26,000 unique individuals.

Earth to Paris is a global coalition of partners driving awareness on the connection between people and planet. With more than 110 partners - including the City of Paris, Facebook, National Geographic and Twitter - the initiative has a social reach of over 200 million individuals globally.

Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the video served as a crowdsourced "love letter from Earth to Paris" asking for world leaders to take immediate and bold action on climate change. 

Earth to Paris supporters such as Richard Branson, Gisele Bündchen, Kid President, Pharrell Williams, Cameron Russell, Ram Dass, Jack Black and many more, joined with people from around the world. In the video, Freeman (as the Earth) reads, “Dear Paris, there is no voice more beautiful than the voice of the world speaking as one, and the world has spoken. This is about all of us—everything we know, everyone we love, and our survival.” 

At COP21, Earth to Paris delivered over 4000 “love letters” from around the world to the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. They were received by Nick Nuttall, spokesperson for the UNFCCC. Below are a few photos from the event.



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