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Patricia Espinosa, the Executive Secretary of the Climate Change Secretariat, wants to engage all Parties in developing the UNFCCC budget to ensure it meets the needs of Parties and achieves the objectives of the historic Paris Agreement.

The UNFCCC secretariat has a new dedicated web space to seek feedback on budget development.

Parties are invited to provide input on a number of issues that are critical for developing the 2018-2019 budget: 

  • The secretariat seeks a new approach that reflects the reality of the Paris Agreement. The next budget should be integrated. This avoids disaggregating Paris Agreement and Convention activities, which can lead to fragmentation and inefficiency. The next budget should be comprehensive. This will holistically encompass core budget activities and those funded from supplementary sources to give a complete picture. Do Parties agree with these principles and this style of approach? 
  • Given the financial constraints of governments and the tremendous challenge set by the many mandates of the Paris Agreement, the secretariat sees it as essential to prioritize budget activities. This requires reviewing mandates in their totality. Can Parties identify synergies or areas where mandates could be combined to maximize efficient delivery? Are there mandates or cycles that could be reviewed, closed or made less frequent? 
  • The secretariat recognizes that the format of the budget could be improved to enhance clarity of key information to better facilitate deliberations by Parties. Do Parties have concrete suggestions to improve the presentation of the budget proposal?

See the new web page here

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