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Experts are meeting 5-8 April in Bonn to discuss how South-South cooperation on technology can support countries to accelerate the shift to climate resilient, sustainable development pathways.

A thematic dialogue convened by the Technology Executive Committee (TEC) of the UN Climate Convention on 6 April will highlight policies that can contribute to successful south-south cooperation on adaptation technologies.

The event aims to support countries to become more resilient to the inevitable impacts of climate change through the use of technologies such as seawalls, drought-resistant crops, land management techniques, disaster-risk management and rain-water harvesting.

The TEC invites virtual participants to follow the thematic dialogue’s live webcast and participate in discussions using social media. Send questions to the TEC and participating experts by using the Twitter hashtag #climatetech Further information including the agenda, webcast information and a background paper, can be found here.

The TEC is holding the thematic dialogue as part of its 12th meeting, at which it will develop a new workplan and consider issues such as: technology needs assessments; climate technology financing; enabling environments and barriers; and mitigation and adaptation technologies.

The two bodies of the UNFCCC’s Technology Mechanism work together to enhance climate technology development and transfer. The TEC addresses technology issues and identifies policies that countries may use to enhance climate technology development and transfer. The Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) is currently responding to developing country requests to enhance technology action on the ground.


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