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The historic Paris Climate Change Agreement adopted in 2015 is entering into force on 4 November. Please join the celebrations! You can celebrate the day by telling the world what the Paris Agreement means for you, thereby helping to raise awareness for the need for rapid action and what immediate solutions are.

The speed with which the agreement has entered into force underlines just how much support climate action now has across the globe. The Paris Agreement is also an integral part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also agreed in 2015. What started as two agendas have merged into one bold vision of a better world for every man, woman and child.

Under the Paris Agreement, all nations have agreed to combat climate change and to unleash actions and investment towards a low carbon, resilient and sustainable future that will keep a global average temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius with the accepted international aim of working to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The Paris Agreement and the SDGs will be successful only if everyone fully supports them and helps bring their ambitious goals to life with real action – from national, regional and local leaders; from investors and businesses to citizens who desire to live in a safe and prosperous world, and who want to actively shape that world.

The moment of the adoption of the Paris Agreement on 12 December 2015

What You can do

If you have already supported the Paris Agreement Thunderclap - thanks for doing so! It has reached It has reached 33,995,963 people.

If you can invest a bit more time,  you can also for example celebrate with an article, blog, infographic, or a simple social media text message, or you can record a video on your smartphone, pad, notebook or desktop device and post to social media. But just sharing social media posts you see about the day would be a valuable contribution.

If you are a company, city, region or territorial government, why not light up your headquarters with a simple message, for example “We’re Taking Climate Action” or send a message to all staff, customers and colleagues via social media or on your web site.

For example, the The Post Tower in Bonn, is illuminated with the logo of the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech (COP22, 7 - 18 November). The tower is by the way powered by 100% renewable energy.

Post Tower in Bonn

Key hashtags for 4 November

The main hashtag is #ParisAgreement. Plus, in recognition of the mutually reinforcing and supporting role of the Sustainable Development Goals, add the #GlobalGoals.
Looking forward to the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference in Marakech, you may wish to add #COP22, and #ClimateAction.

If you'd like to help promote the campaign, we have digital assets in English, French, Spanish you can share.

On 4 November, it's "All systems go!" for the Paris Agreement.



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