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The natural world and its ecosystems is a major, cost-effective ally in the goal of a climate stable world. Creative management of nature - from forests, rivers and wetlands to oceans and drylands – helps boost food security, cleaner air and biodiversity while reducing the vulnerability of people to climate change.

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The Climate Photo of this Week features the difficulties of the people from the central China's Ningxia province, highly affected by desertification. In the picture a shepherd prepares firewood outside a shack on barren grasslands.

According to the United Nations Development Programme, desertification has devoured 55.8%, or 2.89 million hectares of Ningxia's total terrain. The livelihood of inhabitants in many cities, townships and villages has been severely affected and the region's vulnerable natural environment is also at stake.

This photo was taken by photographer Katharina Hesse and it is part of Every Day Climate Change, an Instagram feed where photographers from around the world share their images to raise awareness about climate change. 


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