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The natural world and its ecosystems is a major, cost-effective ally in the goal of a climate stable world. Creative management of nature - from forests, rivers and wetlands to oceans and drylands – helps boost food security, cleaner air and biodiversity while reducing the vulnerability of people to climate change.

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Accelerated retreat of world glaciers is one of the most evident and serious effects of climate change. The Climate Photo of this Week features the drastic decrease of the ice surface in the Montana Glacier National Park, one of the United States' natural treasures.

As an initiative of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) a series of side-by-side photos show the then-and-now of the Montana's glaciers. A computer-based climate model predicts that some of the park’s largest glaciers will vanish by 2030.

Here we have selected two of the Montana's glaciers.

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Boulder Peak on Boulder Glacier in 1918 and 2012
Photo credit: W.C. Alden Photo, Kevin Jack/Courtesy of USGS Photographic Library



Swiftcurrent Glacier in 1911 and 2013
Photo credit: M.R. Campbell, Lisa McKeon/Courtesy of USGS Photographic Library

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