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Rapidly transitioning towards a low carbon and resilience global economy requires major investments. All financial institutions - public and private – need to engage in climate-friendly development financing, by developing new strategies, building capacities, and creating new financial mechanisms. Photo ©jdobane

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Contact: Richard Choularton, richard.choularton@wfp.org,
+39 346 7600 703 (Italy) or +1 802 730 7133 (US)

Divest-Invest is an expanding movement of institutions (Divest-Invest Philanthropy) and individuals (Divest-Invest Individuals) that commit to divest from carbon-intensive fossil fuels, modelling and accelerating the crucial global transition to clean and affordable forms of energy.

People, campuses, municipalities, pension funds, foundations, faith-based and health-based groups, investment advisors, businesses and others are thinking critically about the value of fossil fuel divestment and what reinvestment in climate solutions looks like. Divest-Invest calls on institutional, family, and individual investors to hold themselves accountable for the impacts of their investments by putting their money to build an equitable and clean future.

The Divest Invest Philanthropy was launched in January 2014 with 17 foundations and $1.8 billion assets under management. Since then, 111 foundations have already joined the movement.

6 objectives:

  • Maintain competitive returns;
  • Avoid unnecessary risk;
  • Invest to fuel change;
  • Accelerate clean energy for all;
  • Lead by example;
  • Be proactive.

The Divest-Invest Pledge:

  • Stop investing in climate change by avoiding investments in the top 200 fossil fuel producers here.
  • Drop coal, oil and gas from your investment portfolio by divesting any equity holdings in the top 200 fossil fuel producers.
  • Roll a portion of your portfolio – at least 5 percent – into climate solutions like clean energy, sustainable agriculture, local business and more.

Photo credit: Image Catalog (Flickr)

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