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The Lima-Paris Action Agenda brings both state and non-state actors together on the global stage to accelerate cooperative climate action now and into the future in support of the new, universal climate change agreement which governments will reach in Paris. Photo © Jiuguang Wang

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At 12:30 today in Press Conference 1, in Le Bourget, French Minister Ségolène Royal and CEO of We Mean Business Nigel Topping will give a press conference on massive mobilization of non-state actors for climate presented at COP21.

Watch the press conference live here.

This wrap-up of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) sequence at COP21 will recap the massive mobilization of non-state actors for climate.

What is LPAA?

  • More than 70 great cooperative initiatives, gathering about 10 000 actors from 180 countries.
  • Nearly 7000 concrete individual commitments on the NAZCA platform (2250 cities, 150 regions, 2025 businesses, 424 investors, 235 civil society organizations).
  • 1.24 billion people from committed cities and regions
  • Several hundred billions of dollars reinvested for climate action
  • One third of the 2000 most important global businesses committed for climate, with an economic weight equal to the combined GDPs of China, Germany and Japan
  • Hundreds of local leaders, business leaders, civil society personalities who have come to Paris to share their commitments and present their solutions and ideas.


Diane Gaillard - LPAA Press Officer: +33 6 99 62 49 79 | presse@cop21.gouv.fr

Event Programme online: http://newsroom.unfccc.int/lpaa/cop-21/

NAZCA climate commitments platform Over 10.000 concrete actions, from cities, companies, investors, foundations, NGOs http://climateaction.unfccc.int/

Twitter LPAA: @LPAA_Live | #LPAA

YouTube UNFCCC: https://www.youtube.com/user/climateconference

YouTube COP21: http://bit.ly/1G7HWWj

Flickr (copyright free photos): https://www.flickr.com/photos/136161474@N05/albums

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