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The energy sector is the main source of global greenhouse emissions. Enhancing energy efficiency is a key solution to stay below 2°C global average temperature rise. Energy efficiency has great potential in transport, buildings, industry, equipment and appliances and it simply makes economic sense. Photo © Abbie Trayler-Smith/DFID

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Website: Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform

Contact: info@se4all.org +43 (0) 1 260 608 340

The Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform promotes public-private partnerships to scale up energy efficiency policies, action and investment in order to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030. Part of the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA), the Accelerator Platform was launched at the Climate Summit in 2014 and is one of three flagship programmes under UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s SE4All initiative.

The Platform’s target is to bring to COP 21 in Paris commitments and energy-efficiency action plans from at least 100 jurisdictions (national, regional and city governments), 100 businesses and 100 financial institutions.

This alliance of partners is committing to new and expanded actions to accelerate energy efficiency in specific sectors, including buildings, lighting, appliances, district energy systems, industry and transportation. The energy sector is a key driver of climate change, responsible for roughly two thirds of human-generated emissions.

The Platform promotes stronger collaboration between the public, private and civil sectors which cover the whole range of policy and regulatory frameworks, technology standards, financial solutions, incentives and public education that together can accelerate action.

Action under the Platform is worldwide, from energy-efficient building programmes, to solar-driven LED home lighting, to improved mass transit systems, all demonstrating the effectiveness of public-private partnerships in tackling climate change.

Commitments to Action

Participating parties/stakeholders/jurisdictions, including national and sub-national governments, are expected to make a commitment to contribute to the doubling of the rate of energy efficiency by 2030 in targeted sectors within their jurisdiction. . They also commit to implement and improve enabling policies and major projects subject to support and funding.

  • Integrated Policy and Investment Roadmaps are developed at the country, region, state, city or sector level in collaboration with national and sub-national governments, business and civil society stakeholders, using collaborative, multi-stakeholder workshops to define and prioritize policy and project actions. These Roadmaps guide project implementation, which is supported by a global network of experts, institutions and businesses.
  • The Accelerator Platform provides governments with a standardized menu of policy options and technical support, leveraging toolkits, databases and subject matter experts.
  • SE4All promotes funding to support policy development and project implementation through its network of public and private financial institutions and donors.
  • Commitments to action include tracking and reporting about energy efficiency performance, as well as sharing experiences and best practices with other governments through virtual meetings and in-person summits.

Is the platform interesting and relevant for me?

  • YES, if you would like to speed up your jurisdiction`s policies and activities on energy efficiency and would like to engage with expert organizations and the private sector to develop energy solutions.
  • YES, if you are a company providing energy efficient technologies or expertise and would like to broaden your partnerships and engage with others to develop scalable solutions.
  • YES, if you are an investor looking to finance energy efficiency projects designed, supported and informed by world renowned energy efficiency, finance and management experts.
  • YES, if you would like to be part of the Energy Efficiency Accelerators as an individual because you understand that energy efficiency solves many of the Planet’s most pressing problems.

New partners join the platform regularly, please check online for updates.

Photo credit: Passivhaus Institut (Wikimedia Commons)


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