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Companies have a major responsibility to reduce emissions and to adapt their business models to meet the challenge of keeping the global average temperature rises to no more than 2°C. Many companies are already taking bold climate action and are calling for ambitious climate policies. Photo © PSNH

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Photo by: relux. (Flickr)

Contact: Milan Kooijman, Climate Savers Coordinator: climatesavers@wwf.panda.org

Launched in 1999, the Climate Savers programme is WWF’s global platform to engage business and industry on climate and energy. The intention is to inspire a change in thinking about climate solutions in companies and encourage them to transform themselves to be low-carbon leaders, acting as agents of change within their sphere of influence. At the moment, WWF collaborates with 30 global companies worldwide through this programme, including Sony, Eneco and Procter&Gamble.

The Climate Savers’ objective is to recognise corporate leadership on climate solutions: develop low, zero or carbon positive business models and demonstrate that reductions in GHGE can go hand-in-hand with economic growth. Thus, the initiative is working with businesses and independent experts to set, implement and monitor emissions reductions and magnification targets. WWF is using ‘magnifier’ as a term to indicate that the company is ‘scaling up’ its commitments, its influence and leadership to a level that goes beyond the direct emissions of the company.

Climate Savers companies are expected to become agents of change along their value chain, in their industry sector, towards the policy arena and/or by implementing climate positive approaches.

Member companies take on two commitments:

  • to become the best in class in reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • to influence market or policy developments by promoting their vision, solutions and achievements.

Photo credit: relux. (Flickr)


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