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Companies have a major responsibility to reduce emissions and to adapt their business models to meet the challenge of keeping the global average temperature rises to no more than 2°C. Many companies are already taking bold climate action and are calling for ambitious climate policies. Photo © PSNH

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Photo by: BI Watercooler (Flickr)

Contact:Sara Law, sara.law@cdp.net, Tel: +1 212 378 2086 or fenwick@un.org

The “Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy” initiative aims at making sure companies’ engagement on climate policy is comprehensive, aligned, and transparent by asking companies to commit to adhering to a set of best practice steps. Through the core elements of legitimacy, opportunity, consistency, accountability and transparency, businesses can connect the dots between their sustainability commitments and their corporate policy positions. By doing so, the objective is to give companies the tools and best practices needed to improve their policy engagement on climate, enabling them to more effectively support and lobby their national governments for ambitious policies that align with a 1,5/2° trajectory.

At COP19, Caring for Climate and five partner organizations jointly established guidelines for responsible, positive lobbying on climate policy through The Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy. 21 companies made this commitment in the direct lead-up to the 2014 Climate Summit. Currently (23rd Nov 2015), more than 90 companies have already committed - as part of CDP’s Road to Paris project - to follow the Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy.


Caring for Climate – in partnership with WRI, CDP, WWF, Ceres and The Climate Group – calls on all companies to take a leadership role and commit to engage responsibly in climate policy. Through committing to engage responsibly on climate policy companies agree to:

  • Identify: Set up processes to internally audit all activities that a company takes part in that influences climate policy;
  • Align: Work to ensure that all of this activity is consistent;
  • Report: Communicate on policy positions, actions and outcomes.

Companies are expected to fully implement the set of best practice steps laid out in the Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement on Climate Policy and to report annually on their progress.

Photo credit: BI Watercooler (Flickr)

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