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Cities will be key to a low carbon, resilient global economy able to address and adapt to climate change. Many are emerging as leaders cutting emissions and greening infrastructure. Photo ©Pline

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Urban heatwaves have become more frequent over the last 40 years, scientists reported. Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities and these cities are seeing increasing numbers of heat waves, according to researchers from India and the US. Their study appears in the British journal Environmental Research Letters.

A weather database of cities around the world reveals "significant" increases in periods of extremely hot days and falls in the number of cold days, they found. The data trawl covered around 650 cities, defined as areas with a population greater than 250,000, with weather stations that reported to a US-run meteorological report called Global Summary of the Day (GSOD).

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Read full research article as published in the Environmental Reseach Letters journal.

Photo credit: New York street, United States/Jonathan Percy.

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