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Speeding up and scaling up finance into clean energy and energy efficiency, greening infrastructure, sustaining ecosystems like forests and coral reefs and enabling countries and communities to adapt is essential to staying below 2C degrees. Check out what's happening and how to benefit.

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In the World Bank’s blog on Climate Change, prominent investors explain the need for putting a price on carbon emissions. Stephanie Pfeifer, from the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (Europe); Nathan Fabian, of the Investor Group on Climate Change (Australia/New Zealand); Chris Davis, Investor Network on Climate Risk (North America); and Alexandra Tracy, Asia Investor Group on Climate Change, say that “carbon pricing is the most cost-effective way of reducing emissions and directing investment away from high-carbon to low-carbon energy projects”. “But to be effective, the price must be economically meaningful. With the deadline for a global climate deall approaching, we are entering a decisive period for climate action”, they add.

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To learn more:
Caring for Climate is a United Nations Global Compact initiative that seeks to mobilize a critical mass of companies around the world to demonstrate leadership on climate action and to become responsible advocates in global and local policy discussions in support of a global climate change agreement in 2015.

In the lead up to the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit, the UN Global Compact and Caring for Climate partners — CDP, The Climate Group, UN Foundation and WBCSD — are calling on companies to demonstrate leadership in pricing the cost of carbon emissions as a necessary and effective measure to tackle climate change.

The Business Leadership Criteria on Carbon Pricing have been developed to inspire companies to reach the next level of climate performance, and to give recognition to businesses that are at the forefront of advocating a price on carbon. The Business Leadership Criteria complement a Statement on Putting a Price on Carbon developed by the World Bank Group and other partners calling for countries and companies to demonstrate strong global support and action toward pricing carbon.

Other useful information:
United Nations Climate Summit, 23 September 2014. 

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