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Along with live webcast,social media community tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr enable virtual participation in the UN Climate Change Conference Marrakech (COP22/CMP12/CMA1, 7 to 18 November). See the full list of our social media accounts below, and those of the Moroccan COP22 host government.

Information on which sessions will be webcast live each day will be made available in the daily programme, and can be seen on the main meetings page and also on the webcast interface.

The main Twitter hashtag for the event is #COP22.


Apps, Platforms and Accounts

A UNFCCC Negotiator app collects all the information in one place, including social media and webcast.

App for Iphone/Ipad

App for Android


The platform UN Climate Talks Live displays real-time data on the global Twitter conversation about COP 22. It gathers and visualizes worldwide tweets, showing visitors the top Tweeters, key trends in the conversation as they happen and insightful analytics.


Full list of our social media accounts


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