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The Marrakech 2016 UN climate change conference is expected to attract a large number of participants from all over the globe. The UNFCCC secretariat welcomes diverse representation of participants and has put measures in place to ensure an environment conducive to intergovernmental negotiations as well as the global representation of observers within the capacity limits of the planned venue and available services.

It is provisionally estimated that approximately 15,000 delegates from Parties and observer organizations will be registered for COP 22/CMP 12/CMA 1.


All Party delegates must be nominated and confirmed in the Online Registration System (ORS) of the UNFCCC secretariat.Access to the conference centre requires the presentation of a valid conference badge issued by the secretariat.

Please see the links below for important information:

Notification for Parties and observer States


High-Level Segment

Online Registration System

Use of cameras and audio/video recording devices

UN bodies and organizations

In order to attend the sessions, representatives of United Nations Secretariat units and bodies, specialized agencies and related organizations must be officially nominated by their head of organization or the designated contact person in an official communication to the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC secretariat.

The formal letter of nomination should be sent to sessions@unfccc.int.

Important guideline: Use of cameras and audio/video recording devices

IGOs and NGOs

In principle, only IGOs and NGOs with observer status are able to register for participation in the conference. The registration timelines were announced in May of this year. Accordingly, these organizations had to nominate their representatives through the ORS by 2 August 2016 and can now confirm their delegates until 31 October 2016 at midnight CET at the latest, in order to enable their participation.

Important guidelines:

Guidelines for the participation of representatives of NGOs

Use of cameras and audio/video recording devices

UN Security guidelines on media actions, publicity materials, and use of UN emblem

Further information on observer engagement in the UNFCCC, including lists of observer organizations and how to obtain observer status, can be found on the UNFCCC observer organizations webpages.


For information related to media participation, please refer to the Information Hub’s News and Media page.


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