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UNFCCC Media Accreditation

Media accreditation for UNFCCC conferences is strictly reserved for members of the press (print, photo, radio, TV, film, news agencies and online media) who represent a bona fide media organization, which means being formally registered as a media organization in a country recognized by the United Nations General Assembly.

The UNFCCC secretariat has been open for media accreditation for the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris since the beginning of August and has been processing an increasing volume of applications and is nearing the 3,000 mark—which is the ceiling for media at COP 21 when taking into account other delegates and the physical, safety and security considerations of the venue.

The deadline and cut-off date for receiving applications was 17:00 (CET) on Monday, 9 November. All applications submitted up to that date will be processed.

Accreditation will be given on proof of a track record of reporting for media organizations on climate change. No double registration (e.g. as press and delegate, or as press and NGO) is allowed.

Online accreditation is the ONLY official channel to obtain registration for the media. The secretariat is not in a position to accept accreditations via any other channel.

1. Go to the Online Registration System
2. Look on the top left corner for options to either login or create an account.
3. If you have an account, log in with your e-mail address and password. 
4. In the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select COP 21 as the current meeting.
5. Upload the required documentation and click on "Submit application"

Find quick answers to frequently asked questions about accreditation.


Upon arrival at the conference venue, please proceed to the registration desk. Details on opening hours will be available later.

The acknowledgement letter, available upon confirmation in the official registration system, and a valid passport or a nationally approved identification card should be presented to the registration staff for the issuance of your badge.


A badge is needed to gain access to the premises. For security reasons, participants are required to wear their badges at all times.


All accredited press have access to the media centre, press conference rooms, exhibit areas, side events, open plenary sessions and any public areas in the conference venue. All accredited press accessing the conference premises must pass through security screening, including those with equipment.

Filming Licenses

Filming within the Conference venue is unrestricted in public areas only. Filming in meeting rooms is not permitted. However, there will be limited access to the Plenary Halls and further details in this regard will be contained in a bulletin which will be available in print and online at the commencement of the Conference.

Media Centre

A media centre, including an International Broadcast Centre (IBC), will be established at the venue providing facilities to fulfill the needs of Television and Radio Broadcasters and Press News Agencies.

Overview of the Meeting Venue

All primary areas will be on the ground floor. This includes the Two Plenary Halls, the 3 Press Conference Rooms and the Media Centre. The Media Centre will be on two levels. TV workspaces and the MCR will be on the ground floor and Radio workspaces will be on the upper mezzanine level. The open writing press area will be split between the two levels.  The Plenaries and Press Conference Rooms are all within a short walking distance of the Media Centre.

Media Information Desk

An information desk for media will be located in the Media Centre. The staff will be happy to address queries from the media and will also make media advisories and other materials available to accredited press.

Interview requests

The UNFCCC can accept interview requests with Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres and other UNFCCC officials. Send requests to:  press@unfccc.int

When requesting an interview, please indicate your organization, name, position and submit a brief list of questions to be answered.

To arrange for an interview with delegations or UN agencies, please inquire at the Media Information Desk in the Media Centre.

Press Conferences

Press conferences conducted at UNFCCC meetings are open to all accredited media. Only registered government representatives and admitted observer organizations may hold a press conference. In addition, the UNFCCC secretariat briefs the press throughout the conference.

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