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6-17 Nov 2017, Bonn



Navigate all the essential information about the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

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The UNFCCC secretariat is very much looking forward to hosting COP 23, or more formally “the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2017”, at its “home base” in Bonn, Germany from 6-17 November 2017. The secretariat is working in very close collaboration with the Government of Fiji, who will serve as the President of the Conferences and provide the political leadership to move forward international cooperation on climate change.

The Government of Germany, as the host country of the secretariat, along with the City of Bonn and the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, are providing extremely valuable moral, political and budgetary support to the organization of this major international event.

The Government of Germany – Committed to Climate Action

The government of Germany hosted the first ever Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC in 1995 (COP 1 in Berlin) and has been committed to supporting international climate action ever since. In addition, Germany has announced that it will make climate action a key focus of the G20 during its Presidency of the group, which runs until 30 November of this year. Information on Germany’s contributions to climate protection can be found here.

The main office building of the UNFCCC secretariat

The State of North Rhine Westphalia – Transitioning to the Green Economy

Bonn is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is Germany’s most populous state and in many ways a hub for climate protection. A number of cities in North Rhine-Westphalia have successfully transitioned away from heavily polluting industries such as coal mining to high-tech and services industries. For example, the city of Essen holds the title of Europe's "Green Capital" in 2017 for its success in shifting to a green economy. The title, awarded by the European Commission,  recognizes the fact that Essen for example procures renewable energy and has managed to exceed the German national average greenhouse gas emission reduction. During COP 23, the German government and North Rhine-Westphalia intend to showcase further examples of climate protection and clean tech in the region. See more information here.

Green spaces in the city of Essen

The City of Bonn - a UN Hub for Sustainability

Bonn is in many ways a hub for sustainability. The city is making efforts to reduce its carbon footprint by for example introducing electric buses. And Bonn is home to 19 UN agencies which all deal with global topics of the future such as climate protection, desertification, water balance, soil and species protection (See the UN in Bonn website for an overview of the work of the agencies). In addition, more than 150 international organizations are located around the UN hub in the Bonn region. This means that a network exists that provides synergies for important work on the issue of sustainability as well as for related conferences and events. The main venue of COP 23 will be the Bonn World Conference Center, which will be complemented with temporary infrastructure in the vicinity. For information on the venue, accommodation, the rental of office space for delegations and space for events, please check the relevant UNFCCC web page periodically here. Read more about city of Bonn’s work on sustainability here.

A City of Bonn e-bus in front of the UN campus

Image at top of the article: Germany's former Parliament building, which today serves as a plenary for UNFCCC meetings as part of the Bonn World Conference Center









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