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6-17 Nov 2017, Bonn



Navigate all the essential information about the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn.

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Photo by: UN Bonn

Similar to previous UNFCCC sessions, the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (COP 23, 6 – 17 November) offers the possibility for Parties and admitted observer organizations to apply for delegation offices (located in the “Bula Zone” of the official conference venue) and pavilions (located in the “Bonn Zone” of the official conference venue) on a commercial basis.

The application period for requesting space on a commercial basis through the website of the General Contractor for COP 23 closed on 9 June 2017. Questions may be sent to the COP 23 Commercial Services Team via email at mail@cop23-service.de.

Additional details are included in this information note to Parties.

Organizers, speakers and other participants must be registered for the conference as representatives of Parties or admitted observer organizations to ensure that they are granted access to the conference venue. Information on registration is available here.

Information on side events and exhibits is available here.

Photo credit: UN Bonn

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