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The first meeting of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building will take place from 11 to 13 May 2017, during the Climate Change Conference in Bonn (SB46, to 18 May).

The Paris Committee on Capacity-building was established in Paris to identify and address capacity-building constraints and barriers as nations transition their economies onto low-carbon, climate resilient pathways. This is especially important for developing and the least developed countries, which urgently require capacity support to undertake targeted climate actions.

At the inaugural meeting, the twelve-member Committee will set the direction of work and begin identifying capacity priorities for the full and successful implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in developing countries.

Additionally, the Committee will promote a global dialogue among all actors that are currently engaged in building the capacity of developing countries to take climate change action. This dialogue intends to streamline and coordinate such efforts, to make them more effective, as well as to avoid duplication of action.

The near universal participation of countries in the Paris Climate Change Agreement is a clear sign of the commitment of the international community to resolutely address  the challenge of climate change. The agreement places great emphasis on cooperation. The successful launch of the Paris Committee on Capacity-building is testimony to the fact that nations stand ready to work together to respond to the global problem of climate change.

More information on the Paris Committee on Capacity-building is available here

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