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Boosting financial flows and greening investments into a low carbon, resilient transition will be key to meeting the aims and ambitions of both the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

During the UN Paris climate conference of 2015, the UNFCCC secretariat published a simple web site attempting to capture the finance-related momentum that was clearly underway.

The data was based on publicly available announcements of climate-related financial flows and pledges from a variety of open sources from governments and multilateral development banks to investors and other private sector initiatives.

Today we are re-launching the site and populating similar data from the post Paris era so that government, local authorities, civil society and interested individuals can get a snapshot of the momentum in 2016 as nations look to the next UN climate conference in Morocco in November.

And we need your help: If, when looking at the information you see something is missing and you think it should be included please send an e mail to mcastanocano@unfccc.int or kcowan@unfccc.int and they will be delighted to include the information

This "tracker" is by no means comprehensive or exhaustive and the secretariat makes no claims as to the veracity of the information captured, but we hope it will add to public understanding in respect to a crucial area of climate action and the 2030 agenda.

Some highlights of recent announcements include:

  • Europe’s offshore wind-power industry has attracted investments of $15 billion in first six months of 2016.
  • The World Bank Group has signed an agreement with the International Solar Alliance (ISA), consisting of 121 countries led by India, to collaborate on increasing solar energy use around the world, with the goal of mobilizing $1 trillion in investments by 2030.
  • And the central bank of Bangladesh is launching a US$200 million fund to green the country’s clothing factories.

These are but some of the inspiring examples that the UNFCCC has collected. Please consult the updated info graphic for more information.

Again, please note that in extracting and presenting this information, the UNFCCC secretariat has applied no methodology, analysis or other subjective criteria. The graphic is not comprehensive, but rather a snapshot of diverse funding sources and funds contributing to climate action, in some cases expressed in local currency.

Media can contact Nick Nuttall, UNFCCC Spokesperson/Director of Communications and Outreach, on Tel: +49 1520 168 48 31, e-mail: nnuttall@unfccc.int

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