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All across the world, governments, cities, companies and citizens are stepping up climate action in the wake of the landmark UN Paris Climate Change Agreement. This action needs to be accelerated for climate change to be kept within manageable boundaries, but there are many signs of progress.

Here is my pick of climate action announcements that caught my eye and which I put out on social media this week:

Saudi Arabia Looks to Future Without Oil

Deputy crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. Photo credit: Ash Carter (Flickr)

Saudi Arabia’s cabinet approved Vision 2030 on Monday, a package of economic reforms designed to reduce dependence on oil revenues. Under the proposal, the Middle Eastern kingdom will float part of national oil firm Saudi Aramco on the stock exchange and diversify its investments.

You can read the story on Climate Home.

City of Bonn Launches Electric Bus Initiative

Photo credit: Stadtwerke Bonn/Martin Magunia

The German city of Bonn, where the UN Climate Secretariat (UNFCCC) is headquartered, has joined a Europe-wide initiative to boost zero-emission public transportation. The initiative, involving electric six buses with the slogan "our e-mission for Bonn", was launched this week. The city aims to eventually have a bus fleet comprised entirely of vehicles that are powered by electricity.

You can read the story in the UNFCCC Newsroom.

Ikea Starts Selling Solar Panels in UK Stores

Photo credit: Scott Lewis (Flickr)

Solar panels have joined tea lights and spider plants on sale at Ikea stores from Monday. Shoppers can order panels online and at three stores, before the so-called Solar Shops appear in all the Swedish company’s UK stores by summer’s end.

You can read the story in The Guardian.

Photo credit: UNFCCC

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