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This week, I have had the honor of participating in the signing ceremony of the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement at United Nations headquarters in New York. It was a remarkable day in the history of international cooperation and constituted a crucial step in securing a sustainable future for billions of people today and for generations to come.
Clearly, this is my first Pick of this Week. Furthermore, I would like to highlight two inspiring initiatives of climate action on the ground: the amazing determination of a group of high school students who have convinced the New York City Council’s Education Committee to include comprehensive climate education in the public school curriculum and a global tree planting campaign to mark the signing of the Paris Agreement, towards which the UNFCCC secretariat is contributing.

Record Support for Advancing Paris Climate Agreement Entry into Force

Photo credit: UN Photo/Mark Garten

In an extraordinary show of support for the Paris Climate Change Agreement adopted last December, 175 Parties (174 countries and the European Union) signed up to the agreement at a ceremony at UN Headquarters that far exceeded the historical record for first-day signatures to an international agreement.

You can read the story on the UNFCCC Newsroom.

A UNFCCC Tree for Paris and a Safer Climate

Photo credit: Johanna Schmeller/UNFCCC

Thousands of people around the world have been planting trees in support of Earth Day and of the Paris Agreement. Forests and woods act as natural absorbents of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and play a key role in fighting climate change. As part of a global campaign to encourage tree planting, the UNFCCC secretariat will plant a linden tree at our  offices in Bonn.

You can read the story in the UNFCCC Newsroom.

Beyond Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: A New Reality for Climate Change Education

Photo credit: Costa Constantinides (Twitter)

A group of high school students campaigning for the past two years for comprehensive climate education to be included in the curricula of schools in New York scored a major success on April 19. After listening to powerful testimonies of 12 high school students, New York City Council’s Education Committee unanimously voted to pass a corresponding resolution. The next day, April 20th, the resolution went before the full New York City Council for voting, and it was adopted.

You can read the story in the Huffington Post.

Photo credit: UNFCCC

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