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All across the world, governments, cities, companies and citizens are stepping up climate action in the wake of the landmark UN Paris Agreement. 

Here are just a few announcements that this week caught my eye and which I have put out on social media.

Argentina to Invest $5 Billion in Renewables by 2018

Photo credit: Activ Solar (Flickr)

Argentina aims to rake in $5 billion in investments in renewable energy by 2018 with the goal of reducing its energy deficit, a government official told Reuters, as hopes for near-term increased output from the Vaca Muerta shale field fade.

You can read the story on the UNFCCC site.

Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Drops 52 Companies Linked to Coal

Photo credit: Gemstone (Flickr)

Norway’s $860 billion sovereign wealth fund unveiled the first list of miners and power producers to be excluded from its portfolio following a ban on coal investments.

You can read the story on Bloomberg.

Reported CO2 Emissions from New Cars Keep Falling

Photo credit: EveryCarListed (Flickr)

Emissions from official testing reported by national authorities show that new cars sold in the European Union (EU) are increasingly more fuel-efficient. Last year, new passenger cars emitted on average 119.6 grammes (g) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per kilometre, 8% below the official EU target set for 2015, according to provisional data published by the European Environment Agency (EEA).

You can read the story on the European Environment Agency's site.

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Photo credit: UNFCCC

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