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Building resilient societies and economies will be key to coping with climate change. Many nations and communities are already doing this but far greater action and ambition will be needed to cost effectively manage the risks and impacts of extreme weather events now and into the future.

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In a speech to the C40 Cities Mayor Summit in Johannesburg, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres rallied mayors to build climate resilience in their cities by being environmentally conscious in their financial planning and increasing climate-friendly commercial investment. From the speech:

I need you because right now, national governments are working towards a new, universal climate agreement and for that agreement to be an effective agent of change towards low-carbon development, key stakeholders must be engaged in the process.
And you need me because an effective international climate change agreement opens the door not only to global reduction of emissions and increase in resilience, but to shorter term gains with direct quality-of-life benefits for residents in your cities: economic opportunity, food and water security, lower energy cost and better access, and improved waste management, improved transportation and air quality.

Read the full speech here (pdf).

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